Parkwood Nutcracker XC 2014

Jun 08, 2014

We love riding in Sheffield, and even better a proper XC race right in the heart of the city!

Being billed as the ‘Steel City Showdown’ it felt that the cross-country little brother to the Steel City Downhill, with a great crowd and amazing support for both events.

Parkwood (2)We started the race at a fast pace, fighting for position into the first singletrack. I managed to somehow keep 3rd place into the woods, and kept close to the leader as we jostled for position around the first lap. I felt the pace slow as we finished our first lap and took the chance to make a jump away from the others on the climb. I carried on attacking on the downhill we know and love, being our local track, and managed to get a good gap as we approached lap three. The highlights of the course were the smooth berms, and tabletops, the slippy off camber singletrack, and the new dual slalom descender section; left or right line?!

I managed to hold the lead through to the finish for the win. Sitting around after the event there was a really friendly atmposhere, chatting, and of course some obligatory heckling of the vets race!

PW Podium

Wearing the New Bike Tree Swag

The Bike Tree, Sheffield

Thanks to Lisa Metcalfe for the first 2 photos, to see all her photos click here

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