Dark and White NIGHT Trailquest- Winster

Nov 02, 2012

Pete Crawforth

2 hour night trailquest: round 1: Winster

I’ll say it again.. these Dark and White Trailquests are bloody brilliant and if you do them at night they’re even better!  Such a great excuse to ride your bike in random parts of the Peak.

Friday nights trailquest started in the sleepy village of Winster in the heart of the Peak. The check points were set out with a reasonably obvious route in mind, keeping us to the small back roads and fast bridleways.  For what ever reason I decided to follow them in an anticlockwise direction.  For the first ever time in a trailquest event I didn’t have any significant navigation issues, apart from a hesitation on deciding which point to aim for next, instead of committing to my first plan I changed my mind resulting in me backtracking a small section.  Annoyingly this resulted in my adding a climb.

My finishing time of 1.32.55 wasn’t quite enough with Killain pitching the win by 10 seconds, an unlucky navigation error by Pat possibly cost him the win finishing less than 2 minutes down in third.
bring on the next one!

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