Pickering MTBO 12/05/12

May 12, 2012

The sun was out for a change at today’s middle in Pickering. It led to a false sense of security with bone dry roads and forest tracks, turning into the wettest of forest bog you could imagine!
The route generally consisted of hammering along fire-roads then deciding the best way into controls to avoid too much bog snorkelling.

Before the event I did the school boy error of a new chain on an old cassette so kept to my biggest 2 rings most of the way round to avoid skipping gears. Makes for a high cadence! I also had an awesome over the handle bars- one of those where you can’t quite believe you’re not injured! A few difficult route choices had to be made and i think may have cost a couple of minutes.

All in all I was pleased the bike held up enough to actually race and pleased with a good result.

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