Week to go until 24 hours of exposure!

Apr 01, 2012

With only a week to go until the first big race of the year this leave little time for any more ‘training’ this next week will be spent trying to get as much sleep and to eat good food.
This race will be a good measure of how much fitness I have managed to retain over the winter months. My legs feel stronger and a bit more powerful, but the out and out endurance is, as always, going to be key.
I have been loving this warm weather but I’m sure this will have put quite a few riders into a false sense of security. I’m fully expecting it to snow!
The aim is to finish and to put in steady consistent laps. I’m looking forward to being able to put in some fast laps in at the end and finish strong.
Casual ride tomorrow, making a return to hayfield. Can’t decide which bike to take!


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