Dark and White Trailquest- Hayfield

Mar 04, 2012

Now that was a cold day out!
What a difference a week can make. After missing out on last weeks sheffield trailquest which was bathed in sunshine I was motivated to get back out on the bike and see how the legs felt… but after 30 mins of riding I had lost most of the feeling in my hands, arms, feet and legs.
One of these days I will be able to look at the map pick a good route and stick to it for the whole ride. Rather than pick an over ambitious route resulting in a frantic 30min sprint back to the start and finish. though i suppose thats not too bad for training purposes!

Great to get be riding on new trails, I’m not to familiar with the west side of the peak district. Shame Andy was away would have been on his home turf.

Great event more for its character building qualities, the snow deffinately separated the men from the boys!

Pete Crawforth
3 hour trailquest

round 6/7

venue Hayfield

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