Hit the North 3.0

Feb 04, 2012

Pete Crawforth

Mountain bike Vs CycloCross

Ah what a great race! I had been looking forward to this race since I had missed it in 2011 but had great fun in 2010. My day started with the alarm going off at 5.50 am and a big drive from nottingham. Arriving nice and early paid off, as I missed the frantic queues at the sign on tent allowing me to attempt to warm up. The race started a good 15 minutes later than planned resulting in my legs starting to cool off dramatically, by the time the race started the gentle fireroad climb hit hard. Unfortunately for the first lap I couldn’t really think about much else other than my freezing legs and hands and that I could probably done with eating a bit more before the race had started. A few shot blocks later and I started to enjoy myself.
I was pleased with my decision with sticking with the trusty mountain bike, I don’t think I actually saw anyone who was riding a cross bike look like they were enjoying themselves!
I knew prior to the race that there would be loads of faster riders out and so wasn’t really looking for a result, just to keep up a consistent average speed and to feel like I was riding stronger at the end of the race. Which I did, So I can’t really sniff at 51st though when you see some familiar names in the results that were only a few places ahead, I can’t help but feel that I should have possibly tried a little harder! Haha

Hats off to hit the north, great event definitely didn’t envy you guys with
having to take down the arena in that snow!
Same again next year please!

Philips Park, Whitefield, Manchester

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