Gilling Woods MTBO Medium course

Feb 22, 2012

On Sunday was North Yorkshire MTBO’s event at Gilling woods. It was a 25 control course through mixed pine and deciduous forest across some steep little valleys around the lake. It was a ‘medium’ course so was a good test of navigation and route choice along with a full-on cardio punisher!

I had a good race. Felt like getting some fitness back. Rode and navigated well, feeling strong on the speed of my map reading and map memory. Also felt more at home gunning some of the muddy downhills, doing my best Danny Hart impression on my scale.

The course was great with a few big climbs, some nice traversing singletrack and even the option of a downhill track between 2 controls.

Finished the day in 2nd on the A course behind winner Killian Lomas.

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