Dark and White Sheffield MTBO Score 26/02/12

Feb 29, 2012

A fast race around our regular trails in Sheffield!

The start of the 3 hour race was from Longshaw Estate on the edge of Sheffield in the eastern Dark Peak. My route began with a quick in and out at the estate, then continued with a great descent down Blacka and a quick tonk across Burbage with the wind behind me.

I then made a big mistake. I completely forgot about 1 check point and essentially went right past it! I’ve never done this before, and personally I blame A+E!

Completely fuming, once I’d realized my mistake, I continued around the rest of the course in familiar Rivelin, and Stanage ‘The Edge’ downhill, ending with some tough road climbs at the end coming in 13 mins early.

All in all a brilliant course and race, with an important learning point!!


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