Dark and White Trailquest- Sherwood Pines round 4/6

Jan 21, 2012

Pete Crawforth
Andy Douglas

My hopes were set pretty high in expectation for the first race of 2012 looking forward to riding on some proper singletrack on some familiar turf. This round of the Dark and White series is the only one which makes use of the BMBO maps which require some experience to be able to read them confidently. My tactic was to attempt to clear all the points in the forest then head out along the roads and collect the rest which were marked on the more familiar OS style map. However this didn’t quite go  as smoothly as I’d hoped, during the first part of race I was very aware of where I was within the forest but had no idea where I was on the map! After realising that I had spent far to long in the woods I headed out and attempted to collected the further afield check points which carried more value, these where considerably spaced out required some good efforts to push through the strong head winds. All things considered, I am pretty pleased with my riding performance and am feeling  reasonably encouraged with how my legs are feeling. As a race, my result was pretty poor but I’m putting that down to those damn BMBO maps!

Andy rode a storming ride. Typically starting late. He didn’t give himself much time to prepare, but that didn’t seem to slow him down to much since he managing to clear all the check points and to finish perfectly timed with less than a minute to go. It would be nice if a ride like that would be a winning ride, however, when Killian Lomas starts that is never given. Killian cleared them all and finished with 10 minutes to spare, a great ride.

Cheers again to Dark and white for putting on another top notch event!

results can be found here

Over all results

Results with split times

Sherwood Pines

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