Dark and White Trailquest- Grindleford

Nov 06, 2011

Dark and White Trailquests
Start in Grindleford
Pete Crawforth
Andy Douglas

What a great day to find yourself riding a bike!
Glorious weather hit Grindleford for the second round of the Dark and White winter trailquests.
Andy put in another consistent result finishing 3rd overall with 289 points, well done to him!
My route choice I think may have been a little ambitious considering my skills with a map. Silly mistakes and my GPS deciding to depart from my bike cost me bags of time. Many thanks to the rider who spotted my garmin and gave it back to me, that made my day! I’ve also learned a valuable lesson about finishing on time. There is a 10 minute buffer but anything over that and the penalities start racking up! so my 18minutes quickly tunred into minus 80 points! 🙁 ah well at least it was sunny!

Results, splits, route breakdown (java required) and Dark and Whites own race report can be found following the links.

Many Thanks to Dark and White for setting up another great day of racing!

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