BMBO sheffield

Nov 05, 2011

Andy was able to show his improvedĀ  short course BMBO skills in todays race and finished seconds off the first place finisher. Everybody who took part in today’s race found the race particularly challenging, with technical route choices having to be made in the wet conditions. Andy was pleased with his performance on the day and the finishing result which could have been easily improved on with a few minor changes to his route choice.

This was Pete’s first taster of a BMBO style race and unsurprisingly found it very tough. Being familiar with the particular style of map allows for a better route to be chosen. The nature of the short course races are also very different, since they require a larger amount of concentration between check points with more desisions needing to be made.

After spending 18 minutes to find an allusive check point and loosing a further 10 minutes retracing his steps trying to find his GPS which had fallen off Pete called it a day missing out the last two check points. Room for improvement

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